Wiplabs Introduces iDockAll 2 with Support for All Devices

Wiplabs has today launched a Kickstarter project funding their new iDockAll 2. This is the second generation to their popular first generation dock. This update brings many handy and neat features. One thing that many docks don’t have it cross compatibility. You will be able to use their different cables to charge things that support Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C. Placement of the cable can also be moved to accommodate devices of all sizes, even with a case on it.

You can also pick up your device from the dock without interrupting the charging. It’s a neat feature which allows you to use the device while still getting some juice. And when it’s done charging, the dock allows you to pick up the device without the cable or dock coming with it.

If you’re interested in funding this product, you can go to Kickstarter and get one for yourself for only $29. You have until December 22 to do so and pledge spaces are filling quick. You can learn more here.

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