Apple Launches a $300 Book

Apple has today launched something that none of us expected. No, it isn’t a new device. Rather, it’s book. This hardbound book, called “Designed by Apple in California”, shows off pictures of Apple’s products over 20 years. According to their website, they’ve been working on it for over 8 years and have put a lot of time into the making of it, giving this book the same quality and care as a new iPhone. Some other things that are in the book other than pictures are things like materials and techniques used in the making of products, as well as a dedication to Steve Jobs.
The book is available in two sizes: 10.2″ x 12.75″ and 13″ x 16.25″. The smaller book will cost $199, while the bigger one will set you back $299. It’s quite a lot of money to spend on a book. Especially considering that there are ones on Amazon for less than $100. “Iconc” is a very popular book that is similar and has been out for a few years now. If you’re interested in picking up Designed by Apple in California, you can purchase one from Apple’s website starting tomorrow.

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