T-Mobile’s New ‘Digits’ Service Puts your Phone Number on Multiple Devices

T-Mobile today announced another Un-Carrier program. This time, it’s something regrading your phone number, called “Digits”. This is similar to AT&T’s service “NumberSync”. This program will basically allow you to get calls and texts on more than one device. For example, if you have your SIM card in an iPhone, using Digits you can get those same calls on an Android phone. This will eliminate the need for another SIM card activated with a different phone number.

Using Digits, you will be able to get calls forwarded to an iPhone using a T-Mobile app, an Android device, or a computer. iOS will require an app, where newer Android devices purchased from T-Mobile already support the service without any software. It will work on computers using Firefox and Google Chrome.

Right now Digits is in beta testing. Those interested can apply for the beta here. During the beta testing, the program will be free. However, when it does launch it will cost money. Right now we are unsure just how much.

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