Apple Shares New Apple Watch Series 2 Ads

Last night Apple launched four new TV ads for the Apple Watch Series 2. These are very quick, 15-second videos that show some of the things you can do with a new Apple Watch. These ads are called “Go Run”, “Go Play”, “Go Out”, and “Go Dance”. All of them start with the phrase: “The Gift of Go”.

In Go Run, someone gets a Nike Apple Watch, unboxes it, and goes for a 5 mile run around the city. They then end at the top of a mountain overlooking the city.

In Go Play, someone gets an Apple Watch Sport and then goes and play soccer. They check their activity and see that the exercise goal has been met for the day.

In Go Out, the Apple Watch is once again unboxed and then worn around town all day while the person runs errands. They do things like pay with Apple Pay, check texts, and use the breathe app.

Finally, in Go Dance, the Apple Watch is used to play music as the person dances to it. We are unsure where the music is coming from, however, because the Apple Watch can’t play music from it’s speaker.

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