CES 2017: A Smart Pet Collar?

Think we’ve already seen all different types of smart wearables? Think again. This is a smart collar for your pet! Thanks to KYON’s pet tracker, you can find your lost pet via GPS, send messages via the built-in screen, and even get alerts about your pet.

The GPS is pretty simple. It tracks your pet and allows you to find them. You can setup a perimeter around a certain area using the app and get alerted when your furry friend leaves the area.

You can also communicate with humans using the LED display. You can type out messages, such as the dog’s name or phone number, or say something like “I’m lost!” There’s also some other really interesting features, such as having the ability to tell if it’s wet. That will let you know if your dog is going for a swim or fell in the pool. It also uses ultrasound to calm the dog’s bark when it sees a car or squirrel. Finally, there’s a thermometer so you can tell if you dog is getting too hot or cold.

All of these are neat features and something any pet owner needs. The downside to this is that it comes in at a steep $249 and requires a $4.99 monthly fee. You can pre-order the device now from their website. It’s expected to ship at the end of January.

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