CES 2017: Moen Announces a Wi-Fi Shower System

Faucet company Moen today announced something pretty interesting: a Wi-Fi connected shower system. This device brings mobile connectivity and personalized water preferences into your bathroom. The U by Moen is a valve system that will regulate the water pressure and temperature. That value can be controlled by the 5-inch LCD waterproof screen. It’s not touch sensitive, however you can control it via the buttons right in the shower. You can also control it from your phone using the app. That will allow you to turn the shower on remotely so it can heat up or turn it off on someone who is taking too long.

Moen hasn’t announced the launch date or a price yet. All we know is that it will be available online and in stores. One downside to this is that the valve will need to be installed be a professional and the costs could be very high.

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