CES 2017: Dell Shows off First Ever 8K Monitor

One major item that we see a lot of at CES is better TVs and monitors. It seems like Dell has once again made something that we have never seen before. This is their new 32-inch 8K monitor that comes in at an amazing $5000. The overall look of the monitor is simple and similar to all of their other models. However, that’s where the similarities stop. Inside is a screen that has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 for a pixel density of 280ppi.
This monitor is built for professionals and those that work with video. Red recently released their 8K Helium sensor. It’s the first camera ever to record at that resolution. One thing that early adopters of the camera complain about is that there is no way to watch back that video in native resolution. Now it seems like that problem is fixed thanks to Dell.
This massive 8K monitor comes in at $4,999 at will launch on March 23rd to those who have a computer powerful enough to light these pixels.

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