iPhone 7 Hidden Features

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The latest model of Apple Company comes with many new features; however, there are people who don’t know all of these. Many features aren’t so obvious and apparent which makes these features very difficult to find. These hidden features are very interesting that once you find them, you will look at your mobile with a completely new perspective. To make people aware of all these hidden features, we have made a list which many people will find interesting and helpful

  • Erasing Message

If you are typing a message and suddenly you change your mind that you want to send something different than the one you have typed already, then there is no need to erase the entire message by backspacing all the letters as in many conventional mobiles. In the latest iPhone 7, you can erase the entire message by simply shaking the mobile. When you shake your mobile, you will get an option whether you want to delete the message, and you can delete the entire message this way, simple.

  • Feedback of the Home Button

The home button of the new iPhone 7 isn’t button at all; instead, it gives you a vibration feedback when you press on it. You might be well aware of the sensation, but probably you might not have known that you can also customize this vibration sensation. You can choose whether you want a stronger vibration or a softer vibration.

You can go to Settings, and then to General where you will find the option of Home Button. Here you will be able to choose from three levels of vibration.

  • Quickly Checking Waiting Notifications

Now you can simply check Waiting notifications by simply pulling up your mobile. When you lift your mobile, the display of your mobile will turn on and you will be able to see all the waiting notifications. You won’t have to tap the home button to turn on the display; the display will turn on automatically by lifting. It might not seem a great feature, but it is pretty useful.

  • Activating Flash for Notifications

If you think that you will miss some important notification, then you can go one step further and you can activate the camera flash for notification. In iPhone 7 and 7 plus, you can activate this feature by going to Settings, then General and then Accessibility. Here you can activate the LED flash for alerts.

You must be aware of the fact this activation of LED flash will consume some battery.

  • Better Lock Screen

The latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature better lock screen. It features 3D touch; by hard pressing on any notification, you can see all the details. The interesting thing is that in order to access the camera, you don’t have to unlock your mobile anymore; all you have to do is swipe the lock screen to left and the camera will be opened. If you swipe the screen to right, you will get a Today View.

  • Today View

If you swipe the screen to right, you will get Today View. Today View gives you a glimpse of all your important info as well as shortcuts to your most-used apps. You can also customize the Today View. You can add new widgets and you can remove the existing ones.  If you press the minus button on any existing widget, it will disappear. In a similar manner, if you click a plus button, you can add a new widget this way. This is not it; you can also change the preference of widgets.

  • 4K Video or 60 Frames per Second

Are you aware of the fact that your new Apple iPhone 7 can record 4K video at 60 frames per second? Most people aren’t aware of it because the default video recording of the mobile is 30 frames per second.

If you want to switch to 4k video and 60 frames per second, go to Settings and there you need to find the option “Photos and Camera”. Here you can change the video resolution as well as speed. You can also change the recording of the movie from 720p to 1080p.

One thing you must keep in mind is that if you switch to 4k video, it will consume lots of space. If you are interested in 4k videos, you should buy an iPhone with 128GB space. You can get one on Groupon at discounted prices, you may use Groupon promo codes at checkout to save.

This article is written by Lisa Myers. She works at Coupon Goo as a software engineer.

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