Apple Shares First Ads about AirPods

After being delayed for a long time, Apple has now launched some new TV ads for the AirPods. We also see a new Apple Watch ad alongside these.

In the first ad, called “Stroll”, someone dances all around town while listening to music with the AirPods. In the beginning they also show them connecting to the iPhone.

In the second ad, called “Notes”, we just see AirPods on a music board in place of notes. There’s a song playing in the background while more and more AirPods appear.

In another short ad, Siri is called up using the touch surface on the side of the AirPods. The user then asks for a song to be played.

Finally, in “Pairing”, we see how easy it is to connect AirPods to your iPhone using the popup window.

In the new Apple Watch ad, called “Close your Rings”, we see people doing different activities to make sure that they meet their daily goals and close the rings. This is a reference to the way that the Apple Watch Activity app works. You have rings that you must close to reach your activity goal for the day.

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