Apple Releases watchOS 3.1.3

Apple today released a new update for watchOS to the public. A few months back they released watchOS 3.1.1 but pulled it the same day due to installation issues. They never released a new version. It appears that they have gone ahead and skipped version 3.1.2 and just went to 3.1.3. In this version we see all of the changes with version 3.1.1 that many users never got, as well as some other fixes that Apple has made over the past few months. There are no UI changes. Just some bug fixes and improvements.
To get this version users can go to the Watch app > General > Software update > watchOS 3.1.3. This is a small version so it won’t take long to download, however these updates take forever to install on the watch, so be prepared to wait a long time. Keep in mind that your watch will need to have at least 50% battery and be connected to a charger in order for the update to install.

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