Apple Seeds First Beta of watchOS 3.2

Apple has today seeded the first beta of watchOS 3.2 to developers. This is the second major update to watchOS 3. In this version we find the addition of SiriKit and a new thing called Theater Mode. With SiriKit, developers can now have Siri work with their apps. It was added with iOS 10 and is just now coming to the Apple Watch.
Theater Mode is a few feature that will not only mute the watch but will also stop the screen from coming on when the wrist is turned. In order to wake the screen you will need to press the Digital Crown. We’re not sure how it will be activated, but it’ll likely be an option in the Control Center.
To get this version, developers can go to the Watch app and find it under software updates. If you don’t have the developer profile installed on your device yet you will need to go to developer center to get it from there.

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