Apple Shares New iPad Pro Ads

Even though it’s been out for a while, Apple has now shared four new ads for the iPad Pro. These have simple setups where someone it talking with a Tweet in front of their face. They read the Tweet and the narrator replies. They’re usually talking about problems with the PCs or concerns they have about the iPad Pro. The four are called “No PC Viruses”, “Do more with Word”, “Don’t hunt for Wi-Fi”, and “Better than a computer”.

In “No PC Viruses”, someone is complaining that their computer has a virus and they don’t like it. Then the narrator says that the iPad Pro doesn’t get viruses and that you can download safe apps from the App Store.

In “Do more with Word”, someone asks if Microsoft Word is on the iPad. The narrator then says that you can easily download it from the App Store and even use Apple Pencil with it.

In “Don’t hunt for Wi-Fi”, we learn that thanks for the iPad’s built-in LTE you don’t need to go to the gym to get decent internet speeds.

Finally, in “Better than a computer”, someone says that an iPad is not even close to a computer. The narrator then agrees, but goes on to say that it does way more than a computer. You can write on the screen, use LTE, and is even faster than a computer.

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