Apple Launches Updated iPad Air 2, Removes Mini 2

Alongside the new iPhone color, Apple also made a few tweaks to the iPad lineup. First, they are no longer selling the iPad mini 2. Now we’re only left with the iPad mini 4. There are no changes to the device. However, we do lose the 32GB model and have a 128GB model now starting at $399.
We also see a slightly updated iPad. Instead of an update to the iPad Pro, it’s an update for the iPad Air 2. It’s no longer called the iPad Air, just the iPad. The only difference is that we now see an A9 chip rather than the A8X chip. There’s also no longer a laminated display, which will give a slightly brighter screen. Other than that there’s nothing new on this iPad. Pricing for the 32GB model starts at $329. The new iPad is available for purchase starting at 8:01 AM on March 24th from the Apple Online Store.

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