Apple Releases ‘Updated’ Mac Pro

After over 1,200 days since an update to their highest end computer, Apple today released an “update” to their Mac Pro. Rather than a new design with different features, we see minor changes in the specs and nothing else. Hardware is exactly the same with not a single change; no Thunderbolt 3, no USB-C. The only thing that we see different is that the 4-core Mac Pro no longer exists and the new base model is the 6-core model. All of the processors drop down one tier in price. The 6-core model with dual D500s has the price that the quad-core model had, and the 8-core with D700s takes the price of the 6-core model.
In a statement Apple said that they know this isn’t a huge update and are working on a bigger update. They hope that for now this will work for some but know it’s not for everyone. Apple also said in a statement that they’re also working on a new “pro” display for the revamped and updated Mac Pro. But for now we’re still stuck with no changes in specs of features. Just a change in the pricing. As of now Apple hasn’t reflected this update on their website. It should change soon and be able to but it from the new price.

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