Apple Shares Videos for Earth Day

Apple today uploaded four new videos to their YouTube channel all about Earth Day. Apple has always been a big supporter of keeping the planet clean and minimizing their emissions. These videos give quick facts and information about solar farms, zero emissions, and more.

In the first video, called “Do Solar Farms Feed Yanks?”, talks about how Apple’s 40-megawatt solar farm in China produces enough electricity for all of their offices and stores in the country. The leftover energy is used to grow grass, which in turn feeds yanks.

The second one talks about producing zero waste. In the video they explain how none of their 14 assembly facilities in China produce any waste.

In the third video they talk about how Apple makes over 30 gallons of human sweat each year in order to test the Apple Watch and make sure that it can withstand use during exercises.

The final video talks about Apple’s new campus is one of the biggest ventilated buildings. It uses outside air and water to cool itself naturally, reducing the amount of power consumption.

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