WWDC Recap: iOS 11

One of the biggest things talked about today at WWDC was iOS 11. It has some huge changes and even more so on the iPad. Some of the biggest changes include the app animation. They’ve changed it yet again. When opening and closing apps it looks more like a 3D Touch action, rather than opening the app. It looks very different but also looks really nice. There’s also a completely redesigned Control Center. It now only has one page and all of the controls are spread throughout and with a flatter icon and new animations.

We also see smaller changes like a new icon to show the cellular connectivity status, bolder text for labels in apps like messages, and more.

In Messages we find the ability to send money using Apple Pay. Apps and sticker packs also now appear at the bottom of the screen, rather than having to be clicked to take you to the app section and cover the keyboard.

On the iPad we find a new dock in the bottom. It allows you to add seemingly unlimited apps. It looks very similar to the dock on macOS. While in an app you can swipe up form the bottom of the screen to access the dock. Multitasking is also redesigned with apps put into a collage, rather than in order of how you last opened them. Control Center controls will also appear there.

Split view and the ability to use multiple apps at once has changed, and it’s much more intuitive and better. Finally, there’s a Files app. It’s similar to Finder on Mac. It will show you all of your documents with iCloud Drive, images, videos, and even allow you to connect other services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Many of the apps saw a design change. Everything is using a card-based style, similar to Apple Music or News. It’s very different and something to get used to, but we do get a lot more graphics and imagery.

iOS 11 will be available to the public this fall. Developers can download the beta right now from the developer center.

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