WWDC Recap: watchOS 4

Apple’s watch operating system saw a minor update today. There aren’t a ton of new features but are all welcomed changes. First of all, we get a ton of new watch faces. There’s three Toy Story ones, a few kaleidoscope faces, and even a Siri watch face. On that face, Siri will bring up cards that are relevant to what you’re doing, similar to Google Now. 

There are also a ton of changes to the fitness and workout apps. We see more of a card view, similar to Siri. It now gives you estimates of how long or far you have to walk to reach your goal. There’s also now monthly activity challenges.

One minor but notable change is the fact that the dock now scrolls vertically, as opposed to horizontally with watchOS 3. There’s also now the ability to toggle the flash light right from the watch, and even use the News app from the tiny screen.

This update will launch in the fall for the public. However, it’s available right now for developers.

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